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policy how we obtain our collection

A.  Purpose of Collection

The purpose of the Cushing Community Library is to provide individuals of all ages in the community with carefully selected books and other printed, recorded, electronic, and filmed materials to aid the individuals in the pursuit of education, information, research, pleasure, and the creative use of leisure time.


Because of the volume of publishing, as well as the limitations of budget and space, the library must have a selection policy with which to meet community interests and needs.

 B.  Responsibility of Selection


The library director, along with the Board of Trustees, will select the materials to be purchased for the library.  The selections will be made within the framework of the policies determined by the Cushing Community Library Board of Trustees.  The director must be able to answer to the Board of Trustees and the general public for the actual selections made.

 C.  Criteria of Selection


1. The selection of materials will be based on the following criteria.

  • Individual merit of each item
  • Popular appeal or demand
  • Suitability of material for the clientele (Form, content, and reading level)
  • Importance in strengthening existing library holdings
  • Budget
  • Authority of a bibliographic listing
  • Recency and accuracy


2. These materials will represent the widest diversity of views and expressions that is available within our budget guidelines and the space available. No library materials shall be excluded because of the race, sex, religion, nationality, or the political or social views of the author.  Selections do not necessarily reflect the values of individual board members or the library director.


3.  The Board of Trustees believes that censorship is a purely individual matter and that while anyone can reject for oneself any library material of which they do not approve, one cannot exercise this right of censorship to restrict the freedom of others to read.


4. The Library Bill of Rights and The Freedom to Read Statement have been endorsed by the Cushing Community Library Board of Trustees and are integral parts of this policy.  Copies of these documents are included in Section I of this policy book.


D.    Gifts and Donations


1. The Cushing Community Library encourages and appreciates gifts and donations. The library accepts gifts of books and      other material with the understanding that they will be added to the collection only if appropriate and needed.

 2. If they are not needed because of duplication, condition, or dated information, the director can dispose of the materials, as he/she deems advisable. The same criteria of selection, which are applied to purchased materials, are applied to gifts.

3. Any individual or group wishing to donate material will be asked to complete the Library Donation Form which is included at the end of this chapter.

4.  Memorial gifts of books are accepted with suitable bookplates placed in the book(s).  Specific memorial books can be ordered for the library on request of a patron if the request meets the criteria established by the Board.  Memorials and gifts will be recorded in the permanent records.

 5. Gifts of money, real property, and /or stock will be accepted if conditions attached thereto are acceptable to the Board of Trustees.

 6. The library will not accept materials (books, DVD, CD, etc.) that are not outright gifts.

7.  By law, the library is not allowed to appraise the value of donated materials, although the director will gladly provide an acknowledgement of the type and number of items given.  Donors who wish a monetary value assigned to their gifts should have the materials appraised by a competent appraiser prior to donating them to the library.



E.  Withdrawal of Material

1.An up-to-date, attractive and useful collection is maintained through a continual withdrawal and replacement process.  Systematic weeding is necessary for the following reasons:

  • To maintain a current, useful, dynamic collection
  • To make the best use of floor and shelf space
  • To assess the collection’s strengths and weaknesses
  • To improve the physical appearance of the collection
  • To be in compliance with state service standards


 2.  This ongoing process of weeding is the responsibility of the library director and is authorized by the Board of Trustees.

 3.  The CREW (Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding) Method Guidelines are used for this process:


M =     Misleading: factually inaccurate

U =      Ugly: book is worn and torn, in disrepair

S =       Superceded:  by a newer edition (think of almanacs, etc.)

T =      Trivial:  of no real discernable value

I =       Irrelevant: to the needs and interests of our community

E =      Elsewhere:  available; turn to Interlibrary Loan for the subject

 4.  Withdrawn materials will be handled in a similar manner and under the same authority as donated materials.



    F.  Challenged Materials/Reconsideration of Materials

    The Cushing Community Library recognizes that some materials are controversial and that any given item may offend some patrons.  Selection of materials will not be made on the basis of anticipated approval or disapproval, but solely on the basis of the criteria stated in this policy.


    Responsibility for the reading choices of children rests with their parents or legal guardians.  Selection of library materials will not be inhibited by the possibility that material may come into the possession of children.


    Library materials will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of their contents, and no library material will be sequestered except to protect it from damage or theft.


    Although materials are carefully selected, differences of opinion can arise regarding suitable materials. Any patron of the library may formally challenge materials on the basis of appropriateness.   When receiving a complaint the library director will attempt to resolve the issue informally.  In the event the complainant isn’t satisfied with the initial explanation and wishes to file a formal complaint, the library director will then provide the patron with a “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” Form, which will then be submitted to the Board of Trustees.  The request will be placed on the agenda of the next regular meeting of Cushing Community Library Board of Trustees providing the completed form is returned to the library at least two days before the meeting.  The Board shall make one of the three following recommendations:

    1. Retain the material.
    2. Withdraw the material.
    3. Retain the material with restrictions on its use.

    A copy of the Board’s decision shall be mailed to the complainant and a copy shall be

    retained by the Board.


    Challenged materials shall remain in use while under reconsideration unless a majority of the members of the Board of Trustees vote to temporarily remove them.




    Adopted by Board of Trustees:  2/13/07

    Reviewed/Revised:05/11/10; 07/12/11; 06/11/13


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