Book Clubs


The library offers a book clubs for readers. Find descriptions and meeting times of the book discussion group.


Describe your library's book club offerings. Include:

  • The book club is for anyone interested in reading and discussing the book of the month.
  • The group meets every third Wednesday of the month, they do not meet in the month of December because of the holiday.
  • They meet in the library meeting area at 4:30 in the evening.
  • Colleen Evens is usually the person in charge of having the questions for the group to follow, when she is not here someone else picks up the questions.
  • The group will usually pick a month and go though the list and everyone has a little input in the choices
  • The books are usually gotten though the silo multiple copies list so no books have to be purchased by the reader.
  • There are no expectations if you don't happen to get the book finished just come and enjoy what the others have to say about it.
  • Books for the next month may be picked up the night of the discussion or they may be picked up at the library during normal library hours.